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Across the Strait of Georgia

JULY 17, 2017 | Saturday was too windy to cross the Strait of Georgia, so we did a short stretch to Smuggler’s Cove. A hidden jewel with a network reefs and coves and some rings perfect for stern-ties. Each cove was shallow and warm enough for swimming. The marine park is reachable by car, so a group of twenty-somethings had each brought a fancy inflatable swan or pineapple or other thing, and they rafted together past our boat while one swimmer towed them around. Nice trails but of course, we took the hard way around, scrambling over the rocks on the edge of the passage.

Sunday was a little better, and the worst part of our trip across the Strait was the first two minutes of getting out the narrow entrance to Smuggler’s Cove against the wind. Rest of the trip the wind was behind us and we rolled around some at first. But when we reached the other side, it was calm enough to go further down the outside to Porlier Pass, which was at max ebb, going our direction, but had to cross a large wave at the entrance. Just a short distance more to anchor in Clam Bay. Michael rowed us through the cut for ice cream at Telegraph Harbor, and then back, against the current.

Monday morning was windy in the anchorage, and all the boats got off to slow starts hoping it would die down. We picked up anchor for a downwind trip to Montague Harbor, into the sun, which caused us to hit a rather large log! No damage. Whew! Montague Harbor has about a hundred boats it it, but it was calm all afternoon for some exploring out past the lagoon and around the pretty sandstone and shell beaches.

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