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Strait of Georgia, Gulf Islands, Juan de Fuca

6 August 2018 | MB Our third day in Von Donop Inlet. It is the only time this trip we have stayed in the same place three days. Luckily there is plenty to do here. Today we went for a kayak tour of the shallower parts of the inlet before the heat of the day. Most of the inlet and …

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Broughtons to Desolation Sound

29 July 2018 | MB We left the dock at Sointula in a leisurely fashion and headed into the Broughtons. There was a steady stream of boats leaving and entering Port McNeill. We went to a new, for us, bay called Bootleg Cove in the Douglas guide though unnamed on the chart. The anchorage is landlocked and only the lightest …

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Back around Cape Caution

24 July 2018 | MB We are back in Fury Cove after more than a month. It’s still beautiful and still popular. This time the tides cooperated by falling all afternoon so we were able to walk to one of the outer beaches. It also provided access to an outer island with some surf — the outer islands are exposed …

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Hakai Luxbalis Conservancy Area

15 July 2018 | MB We continued our journey south today and had to go out in the ocean for 30 minutes or so.its the first time we’ve felt the swell of the Pacific in more than a month. Luckily it was small, less than 3 feet, so we didn’t have any problems. We pulled into a nice anchorage called …

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Queens Sound

10 July 2018 | MB We headed south about 12 miles to Campbell Inlet, a skinny thing about 3 miles long with two narrow spots, one of which has substantial current and uncharted rocks so it is best run at slack water on a high tide. Luckily that happened to be at noon today — perfect timing for a lazy …

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Fiorldland back to Shearwater

5 July 2018 | MB Last night we had a rude awakening. At 2am a squall moved through with strong wind gusts, thunder and lightening. A fitting end to an excessively hot day. Today was Kynoch Inlet, another inlet with wild and magnificent scenery and part of the Fiordland Recreation Area. More snow-covered peaks and granite walls rising straight out …

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Burke Channel to Rescue Bay

27 June 2018 | MB We managed to break away from the magnetism of the dock and headed out to new places. But it was a leisurely start. We explored one potential anchorage but went on to another, Fougner Bay, a compact bay with a narrow, rocky entrance leading to a perfectly protected little nook with room for one two …

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Fish Egg Inlet to Shearwater

21 June 2018 | MB Our first problem today was a reoccurrence of Karen’s vertigo affliction. The antihistamines seem to help. We are keeping a close watch on it. The rest of the day was spent winding our way between many rocks and islands, first in an area near Pruth Bay called Choked Passage on the edge of the Pacific, …

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Rivers Inlet to Hakai

16 June 2018 | MB Today was a perfect summer day — blue sky, sun, high about 72. We went all of 8 miles to Dawsons Landing for an overnight stop at a marina. Now, Dawsons doesn’t really resemble anything known as a marina further south. It’s a collection of float houses in various states of disrepair lined up along …

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Cape Caution to Smith Sound

10 June 2018 | MB We rounded Cape Caution today and it was awesome. That’s the major stretch out in the open ocean for this trip. It was partly sunny, which means cloudy with blue patches, and the wind was light, meaning a rippled surface. Underlying that was a 5 foot swell from the Northwest so the boat kept going …

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