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Rivers Inlet to Hakai

16 June 2018 | MB Today was a perfect summer day — blue sky, sun, high about 72. We went all of 8 miles to Dawsons Landing for an overnight stop at a marina. Now, Dawsons doesn’t really resemble anything known as a marina further south. It’s a collection of float houses in various states of disrepair lined up along …

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Cape Caution to Smith Sound

10 June 2018 | MB We rounded Cape Caution today and it was awesome. That’s the major stretch out in the open ocean for this trip. It was partly sunny, which means cloudy with blue patches, and the wind was light, meaning a rippled surface. Underlying that was a 5 foot swell from the Northwest so the boat kept going …

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Northern Broughtons to Nakwakto Rapids

31 May 2018 | MB With a storm forecast for south winds up to 40 knots, we decided to take shelter in Waddington Bay because it is well protected from all weather. We took out the kayak to explore some of the surrounding islands. The winds have been building all afternoon so we’ve taken refuge on the boat, which is …

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Blackfish Archipelago

27 May 2018 | MB We finished our dreaded Johnstone Strait journey with current in our direction and about 10 knots of wind behind us. About as good as it gets for this body of water. We’re in the Broughtons now, anchored in Pott’s Lagoon which, in addition to being a nice anchorage, has a reputation for fine crabbing. So …

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Campbell River to Johnstone Stait

May 24 2018 | MB Campbell River was calling, so we came here today. Actually it wasn’t so much the place as the great grocery store, marine store and hardware store close to the marina that were the sirens for us. The marine store for some replacement spares, the hardware store for a tool to fix my windlass part and …

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Getting ready to escape

MAY 2, 2018 |

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Back to the USA

JULY 20, 2017 | Tuesday morning was calm enough to choose Cabbage Island Marine Park for our destination. It is actually a couple of sandstone reef islands right on the edge of the Strait of Georgia near the US-Canada border, rather exposed, with just room for a string of buoys. Our route took us through Active Pass at max flood …

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Malaspina Inlet

JULY 14, 2017 | Once inside Malaspina Inlet, we found a one-boat cove to stern tie in, right at Kakaekae Point, where we knew there would be lots of intertidal creatures within easy kayak range (Michael tried to patch the leak, but it still loses air). Taking turns with the glass-bottom bucket, we instantly saw colonies of green sea urchins …

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Gorge Harbor

JULY 10. 2017 |With the wind predicted to pick up, Von Donop Inlet was a good place to go, and we like to go hiking there. We thought we would do a late afternoon loop hike, but couldn’t get past the incoming tide to pick up the second part of the trail from Squirrel Cove, and had to backtrack, clinging …

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Bute Inlet

JULY 8, 2017 | An easy trip up Malaspina Inlet on Thursday got us into Desolation Sound on Wednesday. We opted to anchor in Cortez Bay, and found a new hike to do, to Easter Bluff Ecological Reserve. Up a road part of the way, then up a moss covered bluff. The absolute best viewpoint in the area, overlooking much of …

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