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Gorge Harbor

JULY 10. 2017 |With the wind predicted to pick up, Von Donop Inlet was a good place to go, and we like to go hiking there.

We thought we would do a late afternoon loop hike, but couldn’t get past the incoming tide to pick up the second part of the trail from Squirrel Cove, and had to backtrack, clinging to the rocks to regain the first trail. More strenuous than we expected!

We had planned to spend two nights. Good thing, because the first morning, I literally couldn’t get out of bed. When I tried to sit up, everything started spinning around me like I had come untethered. Quick research on the iPad diagnosed me with vertigo, really not fun on a boat. An inner ear disturbance that took all morning to shake. But in the afternoon, Michael rowed us all the way upwind and into the current to the Lagoon, and I rowed back, down wind, with the current.

A brief rain during the night broke our streak of excellent weather. We decided to go to Gorge Harbor to pick up some groceries. Ran into much more wind than we expected in Sutil Channel, but still took the more exposed long way around Marina Island. Water poured through the scuppers in the cockpit from the waves, but once we rounded the point conditions improved, and we saw harlequins, red throated loons and another humpback whale outside the entrance to Gorge Harbor.

Michael surprisingly suggested we stay at the dock instead of anchoring, so we took full advantage of all the marina had to offer. Found a pleasant old forest called Whaletown Commons with nice trails for an easy hike, topped with ice cream back at the store. Swam in the pool and soaked in the hot tub during adult only hour after dinner, and then hung out on the lawn overlooking the harbor watching some local musicians.

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