7.16.15 Gorge Harbor

Heading South

JULY 17, 2015 | Entering Gorge Harbor

The rainy weather lasted for most of our stay in Von Donop, but that didn’t stop us from hiking to Squirrel Cove. Sopping wet after that, we decided to wash clothes, which meant we had wet clothes hanging all over the boat. Compounded by hot showers. Better weather the next day as we kayaked up the inlet to where we found a familiar looking Flicka, Kiri. We have crossed paths with Don and Karla several times thru the years. Good to catch up with them.

Left Von Donop to go exploring potential anchorages on Read Island, and chose to spend the night in Village Bay, which we had to ourselves. Michael expertly got us anchored in a very narrow, shallow channel behind a small island. There is an outlet from a lake that makes a pretty little waterfall which we kayaked up to.

We timed our take-off the next day to make it thru Surge Narrows at slack. Destination Wiatt Bay, for the hike up to Newton Lake. The wind was kicking up by then. I scrambled back up onto the bluff I had launched into the water from, and found that having no towel was not a problem — I air dried instantly! When we returned to the boat we moved to what we hoped would be a more sheltered spot for a rather rough night. Gales in Johnson Strait, just over the hill.

Contemplated stopping an Herriot Bay for groceries, but it was too windy to dock. Plan B, we crossed some rough open water over to the protection of Gorge Harbor for groceries and a better night’s sleep.

Although the forecast was not great, once we got back out into the open water, it was pretty good for crossing the Strait, so we are now on our way to Hornsby Island.



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