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Recent projects in the perpetual pursuit of the perfect boat.

Self Launching Anchor

New and Improved! Larger Rocna anchor on custom self-launching roller support.

New and Improved! Larger Rocna anchor on custom self-launching roller support.

88-lb Rocna anchor on self-launching support.

88-lb Rocna anchor on self-launching support.

JUNE 26, 2013 | In the quest for the perfect single-handed boat, Michael designed his own self-launching anchoring system. Our windlass needed replacing anyway, so we reconfigured that, and switched to a beefy 88-lb Rocna anchor. We’ve had consistently good results with that type on our previous boat. The anchor roller was replaced with the new self-launching design.

The windlass has controls in the pilothouse, so after initially freeing the safety strap by going forward, the anchor can be dropped  or raised from at the helm, making it possible for one person to do everything. This will be a huge help when Michael is cruising solo!

10 ft Acorn Dinghy designed by Iain Oughtred

10 ft Acorn Dinghy
designed by Iain Oughtred

Ready at last

MAY 23, 2013 | After three years in the works, Michael has finished the 10 ft Acorn Dinghy that will be our new tender. You can see more pictures of the entire process in a book available on, titled Michael Boyd Boatworks.

No more slapping

Smooth chines
APRIL 10, 2013 | We had Mischief’s hard chine hull modified in the forward part to smooth out the break that caught the waves at night and kept us from sleeping with the constant slap, slap noise.

  1. Robbie Macfarlane....Merrymac Eagle 40
    Robbie Macfarlane....Merrymac Eagle 4005-14-2015

    Hi Michael and Karen

    We are doing some serious thinking about modifying our Eagle’s hull to match yours and deal with the slapping sea noise. Cn you tell me who did the work? and how to be in touch with them? Thank you.
    I plan to take Merrymac to Orcas from Shilshoal for the summer in a couple of days ( when the raw water pump has been replaced and the engine is operable again. I am taking the boat off the market starting immediately.

    It would ne great if I can do anything about the slapping issue right away and enjoy better sleep all summer.


    Orcas phone 360 376 2002

    • Michael Boyd
      Michael Boyd05-14-2015

      The chine rounding work on “Mischief” was done by Pacific Fiberglass in Seattle. They operate at Canal Boatyard which is located on the Ship Canal in Ballard. Doug Lambeth is the person to talk to there. The boat was out of the water for a month while they did the work and they did a good job. I’m sure others could do the job as well. You should talk to fiberglass folks in your area. Of all the major pieces of work we have done to the boat this change and adding diesel heat were the ones most worth the money – we are reminded of them, in the best way, every day.

      • Kevin McPadden
        Kevin McPadden05-17-2015

        Hello, I have been in touch with you in the past and have the 1999 Eagle 40 ‘Avalon, hull #40. I have a couple of projects in process: lengthening and slightly lowering, the fly bridge Bimini, adding an aft deck awning using Mischief as a model and replacing all three doors with sea going doors made by Bomon. They are the folks who supplied all the windows on the boat.

        I’ll be sure to send you pictures of the outcome of all three projects. As a quick aside, I met two cruisers that just put their Lord Nelson 41 on the market They came aboard Avalon a few weeks ago and were greatly impressed with the Eagle 40. they just bought the one down in Texas and are now on their way back to Maine with it. I wonder if there are enough of us to start an informal Eagle 40 Owners Group.

        All the best, Kevin

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