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Malaspina Inlet

JULY 14, 2017 | Once inside Malaspina Inlet, we found a one-boat cove to stern tie in, right at Kakaekae Point, where we knew there would be lots of intertidal creatures within easy kayak range (Michael tried to patch the leak, but it still loses air). Taking turns with the glass-bottom bucket, we instantly saw colonies of green sea urchins with some larger, spikier red ones, giant sea cucumbers and frilly red cucumbers, too. Lots of purple sea stars and some leather sea stars. Great to see!

Wednesday seemed like a good day to hike to Wednesday Lake, so we moved the boat across the Inlet to the Cochrane Islands. We actually hiked way past the lake, all the way to Manzanita Bluff for the magnificent view of the Strait on the other side of the ridge. An ambitious 14k round trip on rugged trails.

We had one more day to spend in Desolation Sound, and hit another favorite spot in Tenados Bay. There was room to stern-tie tucked into Three-Fathom Hole. Too chilly to swim that day, but good for another long hike. Up the side of a cliff on Unwin Lake, then through the deserted woods to popular Melanie Cove. Another unmaintained trail and another handful scrapes and bruises, but still enjoyed the challenge. Rowed back to the boat to collapse and watch hummingbirds come to the feeders in the cockpit.

Ready for a day of rest, we painted Mischief back south, and made it all the way to Pender Harbor in light winds. We are anchored in Garden Bay which is quite crowded. Good boat-watching here, though.

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