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Now we’re getting somewhere

JUNE 29, 2017 | Today is our 38th anniversary!

After leaving Sidney, we went through the Gulf Islands, and stern-tied in Princess Cove on Wallace Island. Nice weather continues. Hiked out to Chivers Point.

Wednesday, we stopped for lunch in Herring Bay, a skinny sandstone finger with pale green water over the midden on the reef. Then we breezed thru Gabriola Pass and managed to find room to anchor in crowded Silvia Bay. Since low tide had passed, we were able to drop the hook in the lesser used shallow passage. Exciting when the floatplanes took off right past  us!

Thursday’s forecast was perfect for crossing the Strait of Georgia, although it was a little bouncy at the beginning. As predicted, the wind lessened, and since it was predicted to come from the north, we were able to spend the night at a new place for us, Anderson Bay on the south end of Texada Island. Being open to the southeast, we have always passed this by, but what a gem! Pristine finger-type bay, no one around for miles. Rowed ashore to make our way thru the headlands to a pretty beach with starfish, then wandered up an old logging road. The shallow water that we anchored in was warm enough for skinny dipping before the sun set behind the bluff. A wonderful way to spend our anniversary, all alone.

  1. Leslie

    Happy Anniversary! Sounds like pure bliss. Save travels.

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