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Princess Louisa Inlet

JULY 4, 2017 | Mission accomplished.

Our one objective for this trip was to visit Princess Louisa Inlet, which did not disappoint.

After an easy trip from Texada on Friday we anchored in Ballet Bay. Kayaked around the local islands, but discovered a slow leak in the floor of the inflatable kayak. Short trips will be ok. Put out the hummingbird feeders and had customers.

Saturday we went to the very pretty Harmony Islands, and did a challenging stern-tie in deep water, crosswind and current. A 49 ft victory tug next to us did it single handed. Short but vigorous kayaking trip.

Sunday, the day after Canada Day, we ventured up spectacular reaches of Jervis inlet. More snow covered mountain ranges appearing all the time as the inlet narrows. 4,000 feet high on both sides and 2,000 feet deep. Splendid scenery constantly changing as we counted over 70 waterfalls. Went thru Malibu Rapids over an hour before slack, no problem. Rounded the last corner to find plenty of room at the dock, and lots of spray from Chatterbox Falls, much bigger than any other waterfall. The choice anchoring spot at the mouth of the falls was grabbed by the boat ahead of us, but we had a great experience at the dock. A dozen or so other cruisers in serious boats became instant friends.

Monday morning we tacked the ambitious hike to the waterfall at the trapper’s cabin. Two hours up a steep wooded trail, mostly scrambling up rocks and tree roots. Glad we had our hiking poles, except when Karen got whacked under the eye by a wayward pole in a steep section. My first black eye. We were passed by three burly guys hiking on to a place they called Broken Tooth. Ironically, after our hike, eating guacamole, Karen broke a tooth.

Today, July 4th, we are headed  back out the Inlet in a fine parade of boats going thru the rapids one by one. Hardy Island anchorage was likely occupied so we found out own private Bay just east of there. Unstoppable good weather.


  1. Ellen

    I hope Michael took a picture of Karen!! Seriously, I hope the black eye and broken tooth do not interfere too much with you enjoyment of this year’s cruise. Except for that, it sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. Looking forward to hearing about all the adventures you took upon your return.

    • Karen Johnson
      Karen Johnson07-06-2017

      Small glitches in a much bigger experience!

      • Jim

        Gotta keep the pit out of the guacamole. Holy cow, hope the broken tooth isn’t too debilitating. The falls look great and the boaters at that dock were the friendliest we have been around. Good you made some contacts and friends there. What a great trip you are having. Anderson bay on Texada looks pretty good too. We may have to try that one on our trip.

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