7.9.16 Entering Desolation Sound

Rain at last

JULY 11, 2015 | We woke up to rain today and couldn’t be happier! The smoke from the fires had thinned but left a haze, and it has been hot.

After the Cochranes, we were aiming for the Susan Islets, but on impulse squeaked thru the entrance to Theodosia Inlet, a large expanse, unoccupied except by a tug wrangling a log boom into one long chain. We kayaked a down to the head of the bay and back upwind. At about 11 pm the tug started pulling the log boom out thru the narrow pass, waving its searchlight thru the trees.

Our next target was Tenedos Bay. Michael guided Mischief over the shallow entrance to the 3-fathom hole, and we stern-tied against a bluff. Again, we had a private spot, perfect for swimming, especially after our 6 mile hike past Unwin Lake to Melanie Cove. Wetsuit required for Michael.

This morning we watched a black bear swim across the sandbar near our boat in the rain. Now we’re on our way to Von Donop Inlet for more kayaking and hiking.

  1. Obadinah

    Enchanting! Why, I think one could make a whole lifestyle of this, don’t you?

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