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Searching for starfish

JULY 9, 2016 | ¬†Internet at last. We are definitely in a remote place, in the Broken Group Islands on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. A hummingbird within arm’s reach, attracted to our red flag.

After leaving Sidney, we settled in Todd inlet near Buchart, and walked to the Butterfly Garden, a delightful tropical escape. Then out to Sidney Spit to be in position for the run to Barkley Sound. The forecast for Friday looked like our best shot, but that meant getting from Sidney Island to Becher Bay on a windy day. The winds picked up as we got near Victoria, and reached 27 knots as we rounded Race Rocks. Gale force during the night.

Up at 3am to get going with the first light for the almost 12 hour run out the Strait of Juan de Fuca, starting out in rough seas, better after the sun came up. Swells not too bad. Happy to arrive in Bamfield just past the entrance to Barkley Sound, and found a snug, secluded anchorage to rest up. The music festival opening ceremony of tuned ship’s horns could be heard from the cockpit in the evening.

Took a spectacular, but difficult, hike from East Bamfield to Keeha Bay. Huge waves and crashing surf were the reward for the 12km of muddy trail.

Grey weather for the nights we spent at N Congreve Island and in Snug Basin, all alone except for the bear on the beach. Then finally calm enough on Tuesday to explore the Broken Group, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Kayaked ashore to Clark Island which has a really gorgeous rain forest trail and several beautiful beaches. Overnighted in Effingham Bay for safety, then back out to the outer most rocks, and more hiking on Benson Island. My pockets stuffed with seashells.

Spending tonight in Joe’s Bay. No longer all alone — there are a handful of other boats in here because it’s such a good spot.



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