7.7.15 Cochrane Islands In The Smoke

Smokey Desolation

JULY 6, 2015  |  We bypassed much of the rough part of Malaspina Strait by detouring up Agememnon Channel to a new spot for us, the Harmony Islands. Had to stern tie in the passage with a current flowing past. Got out the kayak for a loop around the islands, and saw starfish and oystercatchers. Still windy and hot.

Conditions were better in the morning as we tackled the long stretch up Malaspina into Desolation Sound. Greeted with a pretty view of the mountains, but hardly any snow. We dropped anchor in Galley Bay.

Desolation Sound was gorgeous when we arrived, but is now suffering from the effects of BC’s raging wildfires. We woke up to find smoke everywhere like thick fog. Visibility and breath ability are barely adequate, but it’s everywhere, and there’s no escaping it. We moved over to the Cochrane Islands, hoping that when we did our hike up to Mazanita Bluff we might get some fresh air from the Strait, but the entire Strait was filled with smoke. On the hike back, we did get to wash off the smoke and sweat in Wednesday Lake. Karen took a brief swim — too cold for Michael!

Today, the smoke is supposed to clear some in the afternoon, but we decided to give our lungs a break and save the long hike to Sarah Point for tomorrow perhaps. Watched two eagles chase a merganser.

After lunch, we kayaked across the inlet to the entrance to Grace Harbour and found the small  islands to be loaded with marine life — many kinds of starfish and sea urchins, sea cucumbers, a live moon snail and red scallop, plus many things we had to look up in the book. Great fun!

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