Kayaking in the gorgeous Bunsby Islands

South Side of Brooks Peninsula

JULY 12, 2014 | Finally got a weather window to make our move around Brooks Peninsula. Still a bit rougher than we had hoped. Two days of snarly open water that kept us on our toes, the first of which got us to Klaskish Inlet. A narrow high walled gorge at the entrance led to a very sheltered, isolated basin, with waterfalls. Got a fairly early start the next day following the north side of Brooks Peninsula, largely in clouds that would roll over the top. As we rounded the point outside of Solander Island it was in the clear, but we could barely see the Peninsula under the cloud. Humpbacks sighted twice. Turning the corner really did lead us to the sunnier weather we had been promised, finally blue everywhere. 

Decided to stop at Columbia Cove on the spur of the moment, since there was a trail from there to the beautiful beach we had just passed. Little did we know we’d be spending the next three days there in forty knot winds, but it was a good place to be stuck. Secure, lots of kayaking to do, and that rugged hike to the beach. Beautiful, sandy, great tide pools, but covered with plastic things washed up from Asia. Bided out time until another break in the weather so we could head to the famed Bunsby Islands, where the sea otters were reintroduced. Tons of solitude here, and abundant sunshine. Spent two days kayaking amongst the islands and reefs, grabbing on to kelp to watch sea otters. Spectacular — every nook we explored had it’s own color of water, or type of wave. Paddled til our arms ran out of steam. From the boat we watched a bear on the beach that moments before we were thinking of getting out on.

Today we moved into Kyuquot Sound, surprised that our endless sunshine disappeared into the fog, just as we were coming in the tricky entrance to Walter’s Cove. We’re drinking iced coffee at Java the Hutt, hence the wi-if service. We’ll spend the next few days exploring Kyuquot’s protected inlets. 

We really enjoyed the remote northern section of Vancouver Island, but welcome the better weather ahead.

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