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Ucluelet Harbour

Stretching our legs in Ucluelet

July 12, 2016 | We’ve landed in Ucluelet, after 3 or so days of mostly rainy weather, tucked away amongst the islands, and are looking forward to the long Wild Pacific Trail hike tomorrow. The sun should be out at last.

We did have a nice day of kayaking in the sunshine around the Pinkerton Islands, and went about five miles, pretty good for our first real day of paddling. Lots of convoluted waterways between islands that dry up at low tide. Yes, there are some starfish, and in this area mostly bat stars. There is always an eagle or three in view, and swarms of hummingbirds. One of the other boats has three feeders hanging outside their windows! We must be on a migration path — there are no flowers around, but they sure are attracted to our boat.

After two nights there, we took advantage of a lull in the rain to move to a more rugged spot, off Turret Island, near a designated sea kayaking campsite. The next morning was clearing up, we thought, and we set out in the kayak again amongst the reefs. Michael spotted a nice looking beach ahead. It turned out to be known as the best seashell spot in Barkley Sound. The entire island seemed to be built of giant blue mussels. Paddled back to the boat in the rain, but it’s not unpleasant if you’re dressed for it.

This morning was a bit foggy, as we crossed a passage that was open to the ocean to get to Ucluelet. Lots of rocks to dodge — thanks to the chart plotter, not a problem. Ucluelet Harbour is full, and we are rafted to another boat, but happy to have a spot at the dock. Made some friends on other boats. We’ll spend two nights here. Michael promised me ice cream after the hike, and pizza for dinner.

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