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Watching water fall

JULY 9, 2016 ¬†| ¬†Lots of rain and strong winds kept us holed up inside in Joe’s Bay for two nights. Nice to have an excuse to read and loaf around all day. Friday morning was less rainy, so we pulled up anchor and went off exploring sea caves in the breaking waves, and some possible anchorages around Nettle Island, but since it was steady rain again, we negotiated the tricky entrance to Julia Passage, knowing it would be calm in there and that we’d have the colorful floating houses to look at through the rain.

Today, we cruised up to the end of Pipestem Inlet, a beautiful fiord with several waterfalls flowing off the Black Peaks. Dropped anchor at the head of the inlet to soak in the soggy but very pretty scenery, and eat lunch.

Now we are anchored for the night in the Pinkerton Islands, with the hope that tomorrow the sun will return and we can get out in the kayak to explore.