Cruising the
Pacific Northwest
in an Eagle 40

Michael Boyd and Karen Johnson have been exploring the Pacific Northwest Archipelago for more than 20 years. Their Eagle 40 pilothouse trawler is named Mischief in honor of that explorer of remote places, H. W. Tilman. They seek remote, out-of-the-way places, visiting every possible anchorage, stopping in one or two each day with the goal of spending each night all alone in a place with no signs of human activity.

Exploring off the boat is important too, rowing their custom built dinghy around the anchorage or looking for hikes to do on shore, even if they have to create their own trail. And while they have circumnavigated Vancouver Island and spent three summers on the North Coast of British Columbia, the lure of all the places they haven’t been pulls them to return each year.

Michael has built two dinghies and Karen has been art director for two regional boating magazines. Together they have self-published a series of books about their boating experiences.

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For each major trip we have taken, we have created a book that combines our blog text, photos and drawings all in one place. You can view full previews of our self-published books by clicking on the links. You can even purchase a book for yourself! You will also find other useful resources on this page that we would like to share with you.

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