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For each of our major summer trips, we have put together a self-published book, with all the blog posts, photos and drawings for that trip assembled in one place. You can view a full preview of each one on our Blurb site — no purchase necessary, although you could order one of your own! Just click on a book below.

Mischief on the Edge


Mischief beyond Nakwakto Rapids


Mischief stays in Washington


Mischief in Search of Spirit Bears


Mischief on the North Coast of British Columbia


Mischief Around Vancouver Island


Read Our Magazine Articles

We have a few published articles about our boating experiences. Text by Michael, photos by Karen.

Mischief On The Edge

48° North Magazine,
November 2023,
pages 28-32

Mischief Around Vancouver Island, part 2

48° North Magazine,
July 2023,
pages 34-38

Mischief Around Vancouver Island, part 1

48° North Magazine,
June 2023,
pages 30-34

North Coast Cruising Tips

48° North Magazine,
March 2023,
pages 38-41

Mischief Beyond Nakwakto

48° North Magazine,
November 2022,
pages 24-28

Resources for Hikers

Mischief on the Trail

an overview by Michael Boyd

Cruising gives us the ability to explore both the sea and the land that borders it. We named our boat Mischief to honor the explorer H. W. Tilman who traveled to remote places in his small boat in order to explore lands where few others had been. We don’t expect to make any first ascents but looking for a possible hike is one of the first things we do after anchoring. And we’ve learned a few things about where to best find those opportunities.

Hiking Trails for Boaters

in Coastal Washington, British Columbia and Alaska

Over the years, many people have contributed to a local knowledge list of boater’s hiking trails, originated by Bruce Campbell aboard his boat, Limelight VI.  Michael has taken on the challenge of updating this list with his own knowledge. You can email us to add your knowledge as well!

The whole list is around 40 pages.

Hikes for Boaters Articles

We have a regular column in 48°North Magazine that covers a different region every other month. Text by Michael, photos by Karen.

Central Puget Sound

48° North Magazine,
February 2024,
pages 24-25

South Sound, part 1

48° North Magazine,
April 2024,
pages 26-28

San Juan Islands, part 1

48° North Magazine,
June 2024,
pages 20-21

karen johnson design/art

Karen enjoys painting on her iPad while on the boat, or anywhere for that matter. It’s the perfect medium for an ultra compact studio space. She has a large body of work and you can see more by clicking through to her website or following her on instagram. You can also find her art notecards in a couple of art museum gift shops and garden centers.


Watch a video of her digital painting process. You can see that her favorite tool is “UNDO” .